Overmolded Deutsch Connectors

Turck's rugged, new Deutsch DT Connectors offer improved durability and dependable ingress protection.

Improving on an industry standard

Deutsch connectors in general have been a well-known, low-cost, low-quality solution. Now, with Turck's overmolded Deutsch connectors as a ready-to-use, cost-efficient, quick disconnect solution, low cost doesn't have to mean less reliability. Turck's Deutsch connectors' overmolded design, TPE jacketing and IP67 rating provide a robust abrasion- and oil-resistant solution that reduces installation time and manual labor.

Deutsch 2-pin and 6-pin are only the beginning

Turck's current offering of 2-pin and 6-pin solutions will be enhanced by further additions to provide customers with a full product offering by late 2015.

extremelife®-60 Cable

A new standard for extreme cold cabling, extremelife®-60 cable features unparalleled durability for cold and harsh environments.

Revolutionary proprietary cable jacket unrivaled on market

extremelife®-60 offers an unmatched number of approvals in a single cable solution for cold weather, including UL -60° C cold bend listing, UL/CSA -40° C cold impact listing and FT4 flame rating. An ideal solution for cold-weather oil and gas applications, Class 1 Division 2 approved, Turck's extremelife®-60 cable is oil resistant and won't break or crack when pulled or bent. It even passes the same crush and impact tests as metal-clad cable, but without the metal cladding.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Turck's new extremelife®-60 cables are available in a wide variety of AWG sizes, constructions and conductor counts, and they work seamlessly with multiple Turck connectors.

M8 Ethernet

Turck's M8 Ethernet solution provides its smallest Industrial Ethernet connectivity solution to date, without compromising functionality enjoyed by other Ethernet sizes.

Same speed, smaller package

With the ability to transfer up to 100Mbps of data, Turck's M8 connectors are suitable for various Industrial Ethernet protocols, including EtherCAT. Turck's M8 connector utilizes a shielded CAT5e cable, with 360° shielding carried through to the coupling nut to protect against noise.

Ideal for use with Turck's TBEN-S modules

As control devices continue to shrink, smaller connectivity needs are a must for smaller applications. Turck’s M8 Ethernet answers this demand without compromising any functionality, making it ideal for use with our new ultra-compact (1.25" x 5.6") TBEN-S module.